This year rhymes a lot more with Mode

This year, as every year, a new fashion is born. We can not talk about fashion, let alone parades, because there will be parades and in large quantities. Endless events, bringing together not only fashion shows, but also all the expectations and new challenges of the most famous designers and fashion designers in the world.

Some major brands such as Burberry and Tom Ford, not to mention Micheal Kors and Tommy Hilfiger have embarked on a brand new appointment, in short a brand new challenge that consists of the immediate sale of items presented at a parade. The guests and the various guests were directly able to shop for what they had just seen. Something quite original, that other great will try, "maybe" to put in place. European brands like Chanel or Dior will take the plunge, a little later in big cities like Paris or Los Angeles. This innovation is named by some Anglo-Saxons: "see now, buy now" which literally translates as "See now, buy now", a policy that is becoming more and more widespread.

As in football, the mercato of fashion is really eagerly awaited
If there is anything that is expected this year, it is inevitably this year's transfers, which began last year. Stylists are becoming more and more sought after in the market and that's quite normal given their talents that are improving day by day. What makes other fashion houses alongside the greatest in the world to bring a new and personalized touch. A departure that marked the world is that of Raf Simons who left Dior for Calvin Klein. And it's not just Calvin Klein who has changed his style, we can still talk about Lanvin, Leonard, Valentina, Zegna, St. Laurent, Smalto and of course refer to Riccardo Tisci who also left a big house that is none other than Givenchy who has chosen Instagram to announce his departure.

Fashion and social networks are increasingly inseparable, but which of these social networks will guide fashion today? A question to which the answer remains rather vague. Indeed, even if there is only Instagram that is headlining, other networks do not give up, relativize and want to innovate at any cost to catch the leader of the photo.

Fashion will not only remain in social media photography, but will of course find itself and as always exposed, not only in the windows, but also in the magazines that will not stop anytime soon and on the big screens of the latest cinematographic achievements. .